Just recently discovered Virginie Peny's Couture and DIY  blog, a fashionista and a very talented designer. She is self taught and never studied fashion at school.....very inspiring isn't it. She does an awesome job including everything from inspirational photos, design sketches, outfit shots and most of all her "DIY" tutorials.

She has a great thing going here....for those who are trying to be more conscious of our environment by recycling whats already in our closet and also for those that just don't have the extra budget due to the recession to do a complete wardrobe overhaul - she is truly an inspiration.

From the lovely and talented Virginie herself.......

Because fashion is a way to express oneself, I’m also supporting environment through material reuse and thus, working on transforming vintage and brand new clothing and accessories stuffs. To me we are living the most interesting fashion period ever; we already knew that style has nothing to do with money, now we should find another way to consume -which doesn’t mean that we have to banish shopping from our lives…
With this website I’d like to share my own vision of fashion through material mixes, creative process and personal inspirations.


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