Texworld USA is the largest sourcing event in North America for apparel fabric buyers, R&D and product development specialists, designers, merchandisers and overseas sourcing professionals.

Their next show is scheduled in NYC, NY,  July 24-26, 2012. Their Trend Forum area will be focusing on the newest collections for the Fall/Winter 2013-2014 Season.  Go here to to learn about attending this show.

Here are some of their current Spring/Summer 2013 trends and can download the entire PDF files, here. To view below images larger, select an image and a slideshow will appear.


"ACTING" - The garment is a disguise that we wear on top of our personality.

Lets take a closer look…

The garment is an extension of our personality; it is the reflection of our     desire to be. It modulates our relationship with others by our appearance.
To be?  Yes, but to appear in what form? That is the question.
Our desire of transparency towards others is not simple. The reflection of ourselves starts in the mirror of our personality and with the fatal question: WHO do we want to be?
In our contemporary and globalized society, reality often mixes with the fiction in our life.  Our virtual appearances serve our real personality. Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and other social networks are great examples of that.
The course of the Spring/Summer 2013 explores the desire to show beyond reality, the desire of play.


5 Acts of a play directed by us and for us. Where we become our avatar.

     ACT I     

     ACT II     


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