Here is Beta Fashion's latest design contest: 

Death has always been a seminal theme in the arts, with little wonder why as it is the most universal of topics, sure to engage and stir the emotions of each of one of us. It's relationship with fashion however is somewhat more curious and unexpected, particularly in the commercial arena.  Yet in recent years we've sen death play a prominent role in fashion, particularly with the use of Skulls, crossing over from being mainly the reserve of the Rock scene to something far more mainstream, advocated in particular by the likes of Alexander McQueen.  Historically skulls have been used as the very symbols of death and mortality, but notably also as symbols for poison, vanity and more.  There is even some suggestion that the large eye sockets of skulls create an inherent visual appeal to us due to a phenomena called Neoteny.

4 winners will be selected, each receiving £300 cash and seeing their designs produced and solid in our online store, and more.

To learn more and submit your project, go here.

Project submission deadline: July 26, 2012

Image is Alexander McQueen's tshirt.


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