The MunichFabricStart is an international fabric trade fair that holds two fair trades a year.  A wide range of textiles, accessories and trims will be at this exhibition. The fair is scheduled to be held for 3 days from Sept 4-6, 2012 and to order your admission online, go here.... ticket.

Here is MunichFabricStart's Fall/Winter 2013 trends for the season:

MAXIMALISM-MINIMALISM... below are just a few samples of some of their trends and to view more, go here.  You can also order their very reasonable Spring/Summer trend catalog and color card online, go here and stay tuned for their Fall/Winter 2013 materials.

Editorial via MunichFabricStart....

The coolness and future oriented approch of the 50s and 60s determine this theme. A mixture of innocence and sexiness. Science-fiction brings the required surreality into this theme. Retro, future and design are the key words of this mixture.

Mystical, gloomy and serious. A dark undertone finds its expression in austere elegance. Everything is wrapped in a general coolness. Powerful forms take over the appearance and minimize the sight onto the carrier. Matching is taking place here in topics, as medieval times with cyber, gothic with protection, baroque with reduction or femininity with power.

Normality bores. With a lot of courage, surprising and lust for something new, this theme brings us all the fun. Unbiased, like a brainstorming, ideas sputter and interact freely. Like different snapshots of a kaleidoscope in multi-pattern-material-mix, we can witness an extract of one of this season´s theme: clash of plenty.

A fashionable trophy hunt begins. Show-off, no must, but en vogue! Luxury exposed in its prettiest form. No matter if ceiling fresco, candleholder, golden adorenment or persian rugs, they all serve as inspiration for prints, applications, stitchery or whole models. Aristochratic and chic is the mixed diversity made of rich and traditional materials like velvet, satin, duchesse, tweed or corduroy.


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