Design Contest via BETA FASHION

Looking forward to A/W, the focus of this project is to design prints that will transform our collection of jersey party dresses into beautiful and contemporary pieces. The theme of this project is the bright lights of the world’s great cities at night.

Whether viewed from within, or from a far, nothing quite captures the modern world in the same way as the dazzling lights of a major city at night. Exciting, beautiful, dangerous, or even poignant in the face of man’s influence on the planet, these lights can stir the emotions in unexpected ways. For this project we want your designs to capture and express these emotions in an original way to create fashion with equal impact.

You are free to submit as many designs as you wish, however each submission must consist of one design only. More detailed submission guidelines are available on the next page. We have prepared a mockup pack, which can be downloaded here on the right, to help you illustrate the possible placement of your design on a simple dress. If used this must be saved as a 600X900 pixel JPEG and submitted as an additional detail image. Your main image must still be the design alone.

4 winning designs will be selected, each winner receiving £1000 and seeing their work go on to be produced and sold in our online store as well as in some of the world’s largest retailers.

To learn more, go
here and final submission date is 5/19/2013.  


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