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Master in Fashion Styling & Visual Merchandising in partnership with Marie Claire Italy - January 2014

Information: competitions@domusacademy.it and to learn more, go here to download the pdf info.
The Fashion Brand Communicator Competition 
Visualizing Brand DNA 
Candidates will have to present a comprehensive project, based on the creation of a new segment/column for the magazine Marie Claire Italy, or a new section for its website marieclaire.it . The project should be able to communicate visually an original idea in the fashion area, consistent with the MarieClaire DNA. 

From styling to visual, from display to photography and video, up to the most innovative communication techniques, candidates will have to produce a visual communication project in order to increase readership. Candidates will act as Visual Fashion Communicators, analyzing the Marie Claire magazine brand and producing a personal visual communication project.
• One scholarship covering 70% of the total tuition fee of the Master Program
• One scholarship covering 50% of the total tuition fee of the Master Program
• One scholarship covering 30% of the total tuition fee of the Master Program
The works must be mailed to Domus Academy by and not later than September 15th 2013. 
Candidates will be informed about the results of the competition by e-mail on October 7th 2013.


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