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Patternbank brings you their key print highlights from the Pre Fall 2014 collections. Even though these pre season collections are not as print heavy as other seasons, there are still some interesting developments that caught their eye.

Go here for Part I and here for Part II Print and Pattern Fall 2014 highlights.

Fractured Geometrics – Plaid Exploration – Twisted Classics – Herringbone-esque Pattern - Mixed Pattern - Modern Floral Use

Crazed Pattern – Textural Allover Prints  - Monochromatic Colour  - Modern Tie-Dye Effects – Brushed Movement – Overprinted and Masked Pattern

Micro Pattern – Asymmetric Prints - Simplified Florals – Bold Graphic Repetitions – Simple Form

Solid Colour Placement - Dip-dyed Ombré Look – Masculin Colour Blocking – Weave and Texture Mixes – Oversew Effects

Plaid and Floral Combinations – Geometric Embellishment – Native Funk & Flash Inspiration – Indian Embroidery – Crazed texture with Soft Plaid – Dip Dye – Boho Pattern Mixes

Textured Repeats – Intense Pattern Build-ups – Linear Doodle Repeats – Irregular Stripe Forms


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