ISPO Textrends is ISPO’s new platform for designers, product managers, and the media to discover the latest fabrics, fibers, trims, and accessories for sports, and outdoor apparel. Their exhibitions are held in Munich and Beijing.  Their next show is being held this week in Beijing from Feb 19-22, go here to learn more.  

ISPO teamed up with internationally renowned trend experts to identify the textile trends and colors for Fall/Winter 2015/16 to show what designers and product managers are looking for to develop their upcoming collections. To view the full report, you can visit their site here


The following trend will describe in detail what designers and product managers are looking for in order to develop their upcoming collections.  Go here to see the full report and you can select the images below to view the images larger and in a slideshow.

ISPO Textrend’s core color palette incorporating the bestselling activewear tones shifts slightly sharper up the color spectrum for the season. Black, winter sun and alpine blue sit alongside blazing orange and fir cone brown. The core tones can be used bright for a modern application or taken down for an aged aspect. The season’s new complimenting satellite color palettes take inspiration from both natural sources and the man-made world, offering and creating a harmonious connection for the activewear sector.
Brilliant and bold synthetic tones feature, in matte surfaces or taken to new lustrous levels through high gloss finishes. Neon accents also surface complimenting this energetic and charged option. Artificial lucidity takes this palette to a new level.
Mineral Matrix
A combination of minerals through to metallics in classic natural and synthetic tones inspires. From the unique lustre of titanium through to colored metallics that gleam against the raw beauty of black onyx.
From wind swept heather, kelp green to rose hip pink and rugged rock, a winter wonderland inspires this natural-based nuance.
Pastel tones take up a new look with artificial light filtering through as sepia-style and butterscotch tones inspired from the sky of Mars and powdery tints create a new modern direction through light diffraction.


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