Beta Fashion produces unique and contemporary fashion by utilizing an open online platform. Their latest design competition:

GRANNY'S ATTIC - final submissions 5/21/2011

As we pass through life many of the material things we pick up along the way become obsolete in our day to day lives but none the less hold significant meaning because of the memories they have come to represent. No longer part of our lives but too precious to throw away, we store them in the attic, making this unlikely location a place of great intrigue and mystery as many of life’s memories gradually gather dust and are then forgotten. After a lifetime an attic becomes a treasure chest of fascinating artifacts from a life long past, often providing fascinating insight into the lives of the person to whom them once belonged. For this project we want you to base your designs on all the things you might find, or hope to find in such a room, and the feelings making such discoveries might evoke in you and others.

6 designs will be chosen for use on our range of Silk Scarves. Winners will receive £50 upfront prize money as well as 10% of the sales revenue generated from their design.


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