Beta Fashion produces unique and contemporary fashion by utilizing an open online platform. Their latest design competition:

THE DIVIDE PROJECT - final submissions 4/16/2011

Often by placing restrictions on the design process creativity is enhanced, not stunted, as infinite possibilities exist even within the tightest of boundaries. For this project we are not placing a particular theme or topic as the basis, but rather a restriction that designs must contain no more than 4 unique colours. Some of the most popular and enduring scarf designs, such as Alexander McQueens Skull Scarf, consist of just two simple colours. We’re challenging you to come up with Scarf designs that are equally beautiful and enduring. Consider the use of a simple but engaging motif or the use of more complex illustration to give your design its appeal. Perhaps look to optic prints for inspiration on how simple colours can be used to create powerful designs. Whatever your inspiration make sure you approach this project with the aim of creating a design that is both contemporary and will stand the test of time.

6 winners will be selected and their designers rewarded £50 [UK pounds] upfront as well as 10% of the sales revenue generated by Beta Fashion from their design for the life of its use. 


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