DESIGN OPTIONS is a Los Angeles based trend and color forecasting company, providing trends from a west coast perspective.

Their Color Trends for Spring/Summer 2014 are now available, see below a preview. Go here to learn more about their services or contact West Coast rep, Tara Packer here

   EARLY SPRING 2014   

Here is an Early Spring palette preview for an in-store delivery of 11/15 - 1/30.  

Derived from ingredients of diverse delight.  Yellow green hues of organic ideas accentuate raspberry and pinkish tones.  Orange and fuchsia shades of vital components and anatomical coalesce flawlessly to accentuate breathtaking contours.

Deep rose mingles with subtle flecks of yellow to inspire unforgettable femininity on a backdrop of tropical prints.  Subtle finishes fuse with deliberation to enliven rustic elements.  Intrinsically essential...Botanica.

   SPRING/SUMMER 2014   

Spring/Summer 2014 is broken up into 4 ranges for apparel: tonal, pastel, pop & transition.  Here we will explore the interMIX of our palettes from all divisions, Womens, Mens and Kids.


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