UNIQLO is inviting you to take part in a very challenging T-shirt design competition..... This competition solicits T-shirts based on the theme of "Coca-Cola" from countries all around the world. There are absolutely no restrictions on age, gender, nationality, or the like, and submissions from outside of Japan are permitted. 

The winning piece will be turned into merchandise as UNIQLO brand t-shirts and will be sold at UNIQLO stores around the world.

  • Grand Prize (one piece) - US $10,000

  • Prize for the most votes by website (one piece) - US $5,000

  • Judge's prize (five pieces) - US $3,000

  • General prize (three pieces) - US $1,000

To learn more and to submit your designs, go here....Uniqlo - T-Shirt Design

Registration and design submission deadlines: September 12, 2011


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