Our FV contributor Lesley Merola is a talented textile designer based in beautiful Taos, New Mexico and she started her studio Hunt + Gather Studio after spending more than a decade designing for various fashion and home furnishing companies in NYC.  Her studio now creates original digital artwork for your textile and surface design needs, as well as design services.  

Here are some great inspirations and colors who was created by Rachel Clore for Hunt + Gather Studio and is also a contributor for our site.  

Go here to visit Hunt + Gather Studio's site and to follow her inspirational and informative blog, go here.

Left image: Abstract Realism: Sunlit Stream on the Oregon Coast by russell.tomlin on flickr
Right image: Portrait by Japanese photographer Sayaka Maruyama

Left: Marimekko Pähkinäpuu Plum/Gold Fabric by Katsuji Wakisaka 
Right: View in the Grand Cañon of the Colorado by Maxfield Parrish

Top Left: Richard Mosse - Men Of Good Fortune, North Kivu, Eastern Congo, 2011 
Bottom Left: Desert Rock by Matt French 


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