Intercolor is a platform for color research and development for a group of global color and trend experts.  Their latest meeting with experts from 14 countries was held in Paris celebrating Intercolor's 50th anniversary.  To learn more about Intercolor,  go here and to read the below full article go here.


Moderate and smooth soft groups got the importance. The colours starting with white, stony shades and icy blue were special tones of the season.  Beige and salmon tones were  a priority on the color palette.

The tones which are close to white, cold and cool green tones, mint tones and very light beige color tones, coral red and yellow tones were prevalent.  

Live and neon colors are open to unlimited use in the palette. However, green and pink are more dominant.  Also artificial materials, green and  natural green, red and orange effects. In fact, it’s a very dark group.  Dark, aggressive and influential.  Carbon, purple and blue tones have brought dynamism to the summer of 2015.


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