2014 fashion lady sweater,2014 autumn-winter and spring-summer 2014 women's sweater patterns, ladies sweater trends of 2014  page with you. This winter-overs at the forefront of which is the most preferred combinations of models and which ones? Here is an excerpt of the 2014 winter season, trend followers ... 2014 models sweater sweater trends this winter under the domination of large gray fisherman's sweaters. I checked jumpers, sweaters mohair soft texture trends come to the fore among the models of the previous year. As well as the classics, often combined with pigtail models are preferred, as always. If your favorite sweater, gray and cream colors of the year 2014, mainly pastel shades, especially the dust appears as pink and baby blue. A coffee shades, dark blue and black colors trends. Sweater Trends for 2014


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