DESIGN OPTIONS is a Los Angeles based trend and color forecasting company, providing trends from a west coast perspective. For the Young Women's Contemporary Market, is a preview of their Spring/Summer 2015 color palette. Go here to book your appointment to view their new palettes and go here to learn more about their services. You can also contact their West Coast rep Tara Packer, here.


Electric blue and desert sand shades of metallic infusions and synthesized minerals give multi-faceted essentials state of the art allure. Bold metal statements radiate with dynamic brilliance. Entwined golden and silver streaks resonate vividly upon scenery of expressive solitude.


Jade and malachite shades of earthy environment and precious gem accentuate mercerized geometric shapes. Structured and tailored elements exude a lush and lavish appearance on a backdrop of emerald saturations. Yellow and sky blue hues of unrefined landscape and vivid viridian mingle graciously with an unrelenting sense of abandonment.


Fire engine red shades of siren emphasize streetwise nuances while accentuating artistic elements. Vivid street art comes to life on a backdrop of distressed denim. Pacific blue and passionate plum tones of secretive and subversive imply inventive expertise on cotton double knit jersey.


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