2013 2014 Golden Globes Red Carpet Seremonisi.Efendim awards ceremonies, red carpets obvious how much love! Defined as the way to Oscar Golden Globe / Golden Globe Award Ceremony last year's Golden Globes red carpet Red Carpet for images on ... click here for, I do not say I see all the red carpet styles, click here!

Forgive my personal favorites to start in first. Julienne Moore's age is extremely appropriate, Tom Ford gown, glowing in Alexander McQueen Kate Hudson, Lucy Liu floral tuvaletiyle eyes and red hearts that we expected it to be ... It's on the right who, Julianne Moore, Tom Ford signed the epitome of elegance and Bulgari monochrome dress jewels "age-appropriate dressing" ... My star, like the course, the most eye-catching tuvaletiyle Golden Globes was Kate Hudson. What's up with you already have an Alexander McQueen that would be wrong?! Who are successful in the past few years, though it had been, but Kate Hudson in his hair, make-up, the position of hunky! There Zoey Deschanel's full dress with the spirit of the Red Carpet. Oscar de la Renta toilet, Kwiat jewelry pearl birleşinde hunky emerging style! Night, one of the most charismatic styles ... Singer Katherine McPhee, Theyskens' Theory of the coolest kadınıydı.Jennifer carpet dress signed by Lawrence tuvaletiyle of our favorite red Dior Haute Couture, in our opinion, most of the night Liu taşıyordu.Lucy one of the best red carpet outfits, floral dress on the red carpet was officially signed by Carolina Herrera flashed, eyes opened our hearts. Braided hair and earrings complement the dress the right way Lucy Liu, a perfect image of the red carpet, Amy Adams wore Marchesa sergiledi.Gecenin was one of my favorite dresses. Lopez elbisesi.Jennifer a red carpet, gorgeous Zuhair Murad dress that is not the body that törendeydi right. I wonder if the problem was in color, but somehow I could not think think ... I have always liked the style of Kelly Osbourne changed later. This time segments surprise, surprising and refreshing light pattern with a Zac Posen (gorgeous hair color and emerald earrings combined) çıkarmışKerry Washington gleaned a great view of the red carpet of the night, no doubt had one of the most elegant styles. Dress Miu Miu, Prada clutch and shoes styles and simple imzalıBazı elections are not forcing people sıyrılabiliyor award ceremonies. Kristen Wiig also signed this year, Michael Kors black dress Junoesque Megan Fox is one of them ... when that red carpet outfit ... Dolce & Gabbana signed kasmış powder color for the dress unpretentious, error-free, which is not to say that when the perfect woman


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