COLOR SOLUTIONS INTERNATIONAL is a color resource provider.  Below are their color board inspirations and editorial for Vintage Grey and Autumnal.  To order their current  A/W 2014-15 color inspiration color standards and their individual ribbons, go here


Taking color out of the equation creates an interesting challenge for one’s creative mind, inspiring a different approach, experimenting with texture and form. The idea of neutrals and especially grey, evoking an artsy and laid back feel, is behind the palette of “Vintage Grey”. The antique look that time is putting on objects of everyday life is giving them an elegant quality and character. 


The beauty of all forms natural and organic, the rhythmic flow in romantic floral patterns, the idea of creating a design that is so close to nature that becomes one with it, makes the theme of “Autumnal” so current and important. The vibrant accents of orange, green and turquoise, mixed with toned down neutrals, create an opportunity for more dynamic color combinations. The shades of dusty violet and deep auburn add more contemporary modern feel to the palette. 


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