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Below are inspirations from their A/W 2014-15 Trend Journal.  

Trend 1 (top 2 images): Nuclear blue and softened neon pinks contrast with earthy base tones for a futuristic take on natural landscapes envisioning a dystopian future.
Trend 2 (middle 3 images): An atmospheric palette is conveyed through cosmic fusions of midnight indigo, planet green and mars red, combined with iconic retro futurist hues.
Trend 3 (bottom 2 images): Retro digital interfaces are summoned through synthetic, clashing shades of cyan, neon pink and acetate green, blending with pastel shades to evoke a techno aesthetic.
Image source (clockwise from top left):;; wrongsideoftheart; society6/Jetter Green;; verdicted.tumblr; Alain Vonck; Roberto Piqueras; Penabranca.

Laser bright colours give a futuristic, spacey feel to fall collections. These bright beams of colours invoke images of Luke Skywalker fighting Darth Vader in Star Wars. It’s nice to nerd out and be fashionable at the same time.
This space theme will continue to evolve into autumn/winter 14/15 where contemporary futurism dictates silhouette and styling.
Image source: The Local Firm; Nasty Gal and Marie Claire Italia

Words by edited by MPDClick’s Trend Journal Editor.


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