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Gelinlikte First Choice

Allure 2014 Prom dresses, organza, satin, lace fabrics are designed. Allure known for his attention to detail dress with unique collections, you get an eye-catching beads and stone embroidery, lace and ribbons decorate the perfect combinations of matter becomes the first choice of brides target.

Collection, embroidered, strapless, embroidered bridal gowns Sconce and dazzling. Although it is preferable, although models Strapless heart-shaped yakalara weight was too much. Lace wedding dress decorated with Swarovski crystals and feathers is a collection of mainly emerged.

Allure Wedding Dresses models tulle veil in place and hats decorated with flowers in the foreground. Allure bridal designs in 2014, who led a large extent, it has already replaced the front rows of a special collection of bridal fashion. Allure bridesmaid dresses new koleksiyonondan ...


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